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How to beat the snowed in blues

So many of us are working from home today, which is a challenge if kids are present. Seizing the opportunity for downtime and working among constraints is an excellent excercise in patience. Taking deep meditative pranayamas (breaths) can help both in the process of increasing circulation and oxygen  to the cell  but also dismembering any thoughts of trapping your children in the coat closet to complete a business call.

Try this three chamber breathing technique before emptying the closet to allow enough room for little people.

First lock the door. ( A master bathroom is perfect and acts as a moat from being disturbed)

Second find a comfortable seated position, either on the floor or in a chair.

Third ground your feet, and sit up straight with back supported by your abdominal. Try to hold the chair up instead of the chair holding you up.Finally, close your eyes.

Fourth, take a relaxed breath and bring connection to your breathing.

Fifth, focus on your belly and promote abdominal breathing.

Sixth, bring the breath up into your lung area allowing the breath to pass from belly to rib cage.

Seventh, allow the breath to travel to your collar bones make sure your chest begins to rise and fall.

Eight, repeat and focus on allowing the air to move from belly to chest, to collar gently and evenly.

Nine, Try and make the exhale extend  longer than the inhale encouraging breathing from the nose only. Doing so will activate the bodies natural filtration system and promote a sense of calming and peace.

Ten, Try and sit breathing, undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.

Doing a silent pranayama daily practice is an excellent way to connect with breath and stimulate a greater sense of wellbeing. Clarity ensues once the body and mind is connected through breath. Very simply, we are by nature shallow breathers, so breathing through your nose, repeatedly and with purpose can help stimulate and even invigorate your circulatory system.

Final step, unlock your fortress and go back out determined to coexist with nature, that may seem uncooperative at times to our own agendas.

Namaste !

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Love the tips of the week. Found myself sitting incorrectly at the computer. Loved the computer picture!!!

Comment by Jean

Hey Check out my new website, and tell me what you think…

Comment by vabeachwellness

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