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Launching the Health Tip of the Week

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This week I will be launching a new project inspired by my friend, Cara Mandart. Check out her blog at In our conversation I realized that not everyone scrutinizes health labels, feverishly practices yoga, and thinks about everything I put on, in, or dispel from my body. ON the contrary most people believe they are doing a good job if they drink a diet coke versus a regular. Tisk, Tisk.

Am I professing my superior health 100 percent of the time, No, God bless veggie burgers. But, I am saying that I am infatuated and even borderline neurotic about my desire to achieve natural health. So, I figured, why not share my passion for natural health with others. Why not even take it a step further and email a one line advice tip to keep everyone motivated. When stress hits, emotions stir, frustration launches, and belts expand it is nice to see what we should be doing to keep ourselves sane.

Please share these tips with your friends, tell me I am insane, tell me I am genius (thank you, I know), just never tell me that I did not try to show you the way. As I tell my patients, it is baby steps, progress not perfection. Progress with me or sit on the sidelines and think about it. Whichever you prefer don’t miss out on my health tips of the week. Sign up to be delivered via email at !

 A Minute of Greatitude!

It’s amazing what a minute can do. I encourage everyone to take just a minute a think about what they are grateful for in life. Whether it is your kids, spouse, job, home, or pets everyone has something they can cherish even if it is simply the eyes that you have with the ability to read. This continually rediscover of the positive will help inspire more positive, “grateful” moments into your life without any resistance. In just one minute a day you have the power to dramatically alter your health by being grateful you are still alive.

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Thanks for the shout out, my friend! I learn something everytime we talk or I read what you are up to, I am grateful for that. I look forward to your tips and promise to work on them one at a time! Will call for that massage now.. I am Long overdue.

Comment by Cara Mandart

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