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What is the difference between a spa and a wellness center?

I get this all the time. A patient calls and asks what services we off I answer and they respond puzzled. Are you a spa? No I reply I own a wellness center. More confusion and then an okay hopefully immediatly following a scheduled appointment. After getting this similar response I felt inspired to clarify, I DO NOT OWN A SPA.

In fact, spa is just as much as a dirty word as a masseuse, which I also am not. So, what is the difference let’s break it down.

A spa is relaxation based, a wellness center is treatment based.A spa you go regularly to relax, a wellness center you go regularly to seek treatment, advice, maintain health, and stay motivated.A spa has lots of spa like services, like facials, pedicures, etc. A wellness center has focused treatments, mine focuses on kinesthetic or muscle movement with a comprehensive approach.A spa is a luxury, a wellness center is a necessity.Spas perform pampering services, wellness centers perform health services.Spas can be pricey, wellness centers tend to be more affordable.Spas are all cash based, wellness centers are a mix of cash, insurance, and payment plan based.

I know it may be confusing, and some of it is semantics. Essential Wellness is NOT a spa, Essential Wellness is a wellness center, it is right there in the name otherwise it would be Esssential Spa. Some places even use them together, spa & wellness center and until I add hair, nails, and the whole gamut I will remain a Wellness Center. It is like calling an Emergency Room and an Urgent Care the same, they have similar ideas but their modes of deliver waver.

Enjoy the spa, but keep it in perspective, it feels good and even is good for you, but your not going to go regularly and consistently.

That is not what they are there for, perfect for bridal parties, special occasions, and more. Wellness centers are more at the meat of the problem, almost like a mechanic shop, fix the vehicle when it breaks down, prevent it from breaking down, and learn about how not to break down. Except we work on the body, your OTHER vehicle !! So get a tune up!!

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