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Health Tip of the Week
“Baby Steps”
So you have finally done it! You have decided to improve on your health, bought all organic food, stopped smoking, starting drinking a gallon of water a day, and are now heading to your spin class that has become a 5 day routine. But then you drive by a dunkin donuts and your inclination is to blow off spin and get a bakers dozen. The heratic within you is calling but the more sensible health nut continues to drive to spin. What do you do? Relax, gradual steps are required to build health. This is the difference between a fad that will quickly fade and a lifestyle choice that will stay with you for life. Take it slowly and prioritize your health goals once you have completed one move on to the next, but don’t skip ahead until you are firmly rooted in your goal.

Small Steps to Better Health

‘Essential Wellness Health Tip of the Week !’.

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Thank you this was a really crucial tip for me!

Comment by emilyesposito

I am glad that the tip was helpful… weekly tid bits to help you stay on track.

Comment by vabeachwellness

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