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90 Days to Health: A Raw Approach

So, I have been feeling terrible lately. Sluggish, tired, irritable, and otherwise sick feeling has been my existence for the last few months. I attributed my feelings to the rigorous schedule that I have hammered on myself, but there must be a different answer. So I went to my doctor (my natural doctor) and had a nutritional test.

Through non-invasive muscle testing Dr. Roebuck discovered I had chemicals and metals inhabiting my system, which attributed to my overtaxed feeling. She also tested my food allergies wheat (I love bread), Soy (that had become a staple in my diet), and many grains was also attributing to my sick, bloated, swollen feeling. I had to make a change. I can’t stay sick and I can’t live this way, irritable and otherwise intolerant.

She advised me the best “diet” for me was raw foods, and I noticed many signs leading that way (I met a raw food chef this week, a random raw food tweet from someone, and other signs along the way- if you pay attention). But, I like my cooked food I thought and moved on. Now it was staring me in the face, raw food, no options, no mercy.

I weighed my options feel sick and stay attached to my cooked diet producing much of the same in my body or transcend my existence converting to raw foodism which could bring me increased health on all levels. Tough choice.

So yesterday was my first raw day and I have admit it was not bad. I ate a fruit green smoothie, a nice salad, and had another salad for dinner. No worries, I didn’t feel hungry or deprived and every time I felt the urge to snack on popcorn or something processed I drank some water. After several trips to the bathroom I surmised that I was on track to better health.

Stay tuned to find out more, watch my retests with Dr. Roebuck, and raw recipes!

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i have a breville juicer that is NEVER used. (sad huh) any advice?

Comment by havanaredmill

I love juicing !! Carrots, Cucumbers, apples are my fav. Makes an earthy, drink that feels clean when you eat it . My fav!!

Comment by vabeachwellness

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