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Tortilla Chip Dreams and Moon Beams

A couple more days down, and I am now dreaming about processed foods. Tortilla chips, bagged foods, boxed foods it is almost haunting. Luckily even in my dream I ate peanuts instead of indulging after a brief moment of thinking this bag of chips must grow somewhere naturally. Justification, I suppose.Addiction, I am sure of it.

It’s easier during the day, but harder at night as that is when I did most of my snacking. Somehow I am curtailing it. Fruit helps. I even have found I don’t have to curtail my eating out, I just have to dumb down almost every dish. I didn’t realize how much food we consume is extra processed. Wontons with chicken, cheese, and sour cream It almost makes me ill thinking about it.

Nonetheless, I am perservering and have found amazing support from all of my friends, which makes it easier. I have so many people around me who are pursuing health themselves and so we can motivate and inspire one another. ON another note, I have opted for all online grocery store shopping as I feel the temptation is too great. Even though I feel good, I don’t want to give myself any room to rationalize or experience motivation from the grocery store pusher man, 3 dollars for this or 2 for 4 here. I feel I have more control online, plus it takes twenty minutes versus an hour or more. Maybe I am lazy, decreased energy is a sign of sickness.

I am feeling a little better but still bogged down, like I am carrying a brick in my torso. I am sleeping more and have less gas, which is nice. I will check back in a few days and we shall see how I am progressing. IN the meantime, I will dream about this raw chocolate cake recipe I found, which I have decided will be my 30 day treat to myself. Maybe I will have a party !! Until then ~miss e

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For an extra boost of natural energy, try adding a bit of honey to your fruit snacks. I keep a bottle handy, even if I head out of town.


Instant Healing

Comment by Steve Murphy

Not a big fan of honey. a little too sweet, but thanks for the tip. Love Yuen method by the way.. Truly amazing stuff!!

Comment by vabeachwellness

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