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85/15 Rule…..80/20… or somewhere in between

80% Raw 20% Partially cooked, steamed, or somewhat heated

Still going strong with my raw food plan and if I prepare it stays simple straight to the point and reasonable. But yesterday I dashed out of the door, hoping to go to yoga but forgetting a network event I planned to attend. Miscombobulated I grabbed a piece of fruit and ran thinking to myself I would find a Panera salad midday. However, Panera seemed like in the middle of the sahara as patients began piling in on what be a pretty mellow day.

As my patient base increases so does the availability for raw healthy food, so I panicked. I was able to graze on some almonds that I had at my office, but there are only so many of those you can eat before it becomes unbearable. I ate a piece of fruit, which was fine but I tend to eat a lot of fruit as my breakfast.

So I had to order broccoli from the chinese restuarant, which I thought would be fine. Until it got there I realized it had been cooked. Silly me! But I was starving and I had patients coming in with no opportunity to leave or send anyone. (I can’t wait to hire an assistant) Regardless I resolved to the 85/15 rule or what some people partition the 80/20 rule. 80/85 percent raw and some cooked food. I usually have beans on my salad to fulfill my protein needs, but this day I had cooked broccolli and an amazing salad for dinner (with no beans).

A lot of people believe that when you go raw you go all raw and that may be true for some, but for most it is the largest percentage of their meal. Now I will warn that when most of your diet is raw, cooked food kind of tastes weird and can make you feel a little groggy.

I have been working on my energy levels as I have been detoxing and it has been difficult trying to adjust to the change in carbs. I used to feed of them for my energy and now I am utilizing beans and almonds as my source of energy, a completely different feeling. I am starting to feel lighter, just tired, not in mid day just in the AM. I took a break from yoga this week as I felt Monday was groggy. Trying to give my body some rest I am kicking it down a notch especially since we will be non stop this weekend at the Steel Pier Surf and Art Expo,, this weekend giving non stop massages and adjustments.

Taking it easy is the name of the game and Dr. Roebuck says it is a marathon not a sprint, which I believe is a true ratio for success!

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This is awesome Erica thanks for sharing!! I’m going to subscribe to this blog because I am now motivated to start increasing my intake of raw foods merely because it is a good idea. Duh right??

Question: Whenever I eat pure protein for a snack because I am truly hungry, no matter what it is, I get MORE hungry. What the heck is that and does it go away after time?

Comment by Shannon

Hey Shannon!! I finally was able to reply to your comment !! Sorry it has been crazy lately, gotta put the cape down sometime. I am glad to motivate you. What kind of pure protein are you eating? Plus what that means is that you don’t need protein you need something else, whether a vitamin, nutrient that you are lacking. I was tested by Dr. Roebuck to see if I was not absorbing my nutrients properly and which nutrients I was deficient in, as it turns out I was not digesting properly so she put me on a digestive enzyme. Furthermore, I was eating the things that I craved (not unhealthy but not good for me) and it also put my nutrition through a tails spin. Let me know if you want to get tested to find out for sure?

How has business been going?

Comment by vabeachwellness

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