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Clearing the Way

Diet/lifestyle change still going strong. It feels like it has been forever but it has only been a week and a half, go figure. Forever in a good way. Eating well is becoming even easier.  I am intrigued at how easy it has become and how much better that I feel, with energy. I even feel lighter, more healthy and less bogged down.

Raw life is easy. But, I have to prepare. Instead of rushing out the door I have to make choices, imagine that. But choices I can live with and deal with and most importantly be satisfied. I may eat from cans sometimes (which is not the greatest) but it is easy and convenient. Throwing a couple of cans in a bag, of peaches and a bag of sunflower kernels to top it off is a perfect breakfast or snack on the go.

Out with the old and in with the new. SO I realized my colon was a little backed up, filled with processed fillers that I once loved and enjoyed. And it dawned on me and my intestinal track that my wheat bread, and rice just might still be hanging around. Intestinal cleanse, we go.

I did it for a week, and I think that my colon walls echo now. With one tiny herbal pill, my bloating was gone and things came out of me that I couldn’t belive. Luckily, since my diet has continued, so has the movement of my bowels. In a world of constipated, irritable people. I was glad to clear the way ….P.S. I went from weighing 178 Ilbs to 154Ilbs in a weeks time….. Thanks Dr Roebuck !!

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